Nutrition coaching

Our approach to nutrition is simple : providing you with the tools you need to understand your body needs and ensure you fuel yourself to perform on a daily basis, whatever your goals. Adapted to athletes but also to people who simply want to lose/gain weight, experience new diets (flexible dieting, keto, vegetarian…) or find a balance in their diet, our program promotes a flexible approach relying on education and individual specificities to guarantee long-term progress and sustainable results over time. By working with a coach, available daily through the different tools at your disposal, you’ll benefit from constant support along the journey.

The monthly coaching includes:

- an assessment of your objectives

- an individualized program tailored to your lifestyle and needs

- one check-in per week to discuss challenges, success, assess progress and readjust the program whenever necessary

- a 24/7 access to your coach to answer all your questions and support you in daily challenges

- feedback on your training plan to ensure best progress

Nutrition coaching subscritpion - 100€/per month

We recommend a 3 months commitment to guarantee sustainable results over time.

Nutrition coaching
Nutrition coaching