Can I purchase all plans online?

Yes! All plans should be purchased through the website. Once your account created, you’ll be able to book sessions directly online or you will receive an email of your coach to start working on your program!

Will I be able to book sessions online?

Yes! Your account will be linked to the calendar where you’ll be able to check classes and coaches availabilities and book directly. Please remember that you need to cancel bookings 24h prior to your class/session.

What if I’m on waiting list?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a spot when you’re on waiting list. But if a spot gets available, you’ll automatically be registered for the selected class and receive an email confirmation!

I purchased a plan online but do not see the confirmation on my account/did not receive any confirmation by email?

First of all, check that you entered the right email address!
If your email is correct, check your spams or email us at circlemovement.paris@gmail.com so we can check the status of your order.

How can I pay?

You can pay directly on our secured Fitogram plateform.
Please note that some programs work with automatic preauthorized debit so you don’t have to worry about monthly payments. Make sure you cancel your subscription on time if you do not want keep working with us!

When will I receive my program?

It depends on how much time we need to prepare it! But you should receive it within 3 working days :)
We use the Truecoach platform for all our programs and you’ll receive a link to create your account and access your program as well as provide feedback to your coach.
If you have any question, feel free to email us : circlemovement.paris@gmail.com

What is the difference between the extra workout and the personalized workout training plans?

The extra workout training plan offers sessions from 30 to 45min to be added to your current training plan. They are additional sessions to reach specific goals that you have shared with us.

The full personalized training plan is all what you need! Sessions are usually from 1h to 1h30 based on your goals, shape of the day and availabilities. You won’t need any additional trainings, even though you can always do more ;)

Can I mix programs?

You can mix trainings programs with PT sessions and Nutrition Coaching. You can also always register for additional classes or workshops!
If you are already a client, you’ll get 10% on additional programs (for the 1st month for subscriptions) purchased. Feel free to ask your coach or email us : circlemovement.paris@gmail.com

How does the Nutrition Coaching work?

We will not tell you what to eat BUT we will teach you how to reach your goals in the long run. It may takes time - more time than with crash diets, but it does work! This is why our nutrition coaching is adapted to all shapes, ages, athletes or not, lifestyles… We believe in diversity.
In order to start working with you, you’ll first receive some questions to answer so we can know you better and understand your goals and current lifestyle.
Then your coach will get in touch and share with you your nutrition roadmap including a precise macros calculation (proteins, carbs and fats to be eaten each day).
You’ll be invited to create your account on Getseasons, our nutrition coaching platform. On this platform, you’ll be able to tack daily intakes and progress but also discuss with your coach. Every week a formal check in will allow you to share your successes, concerns and make sure we adapt your program as needed to get you where you want to be!
Your coach will be available everyday and try to get back to you within 24h.
Please note that our coaches are not able to provide you with any medical assistance or treatment options. If you have any medical illness, tell your coach about it so we can make sure your nutrition is adapted. As with any change in diet, you should check with your doctor first and follow any of your doctor's recommendations first.


We are always happy to recommend a program if you email us at circlemovement.paris@gmail.com.


We are happy to send sample training to you upon request. We also regularly post sessions in the journal section of the website!


Warm ups change depending on your coach and selected program. You will be provided a warm up for each workout that will get your body primed for the day. If you have specific needs or routines, feel free to include them and/or discuss with your coach!
Same applies for scaling : your body is unique and you should be able to adapt any exercise based on how you feel. We assume you have enough experience to modify as you see fit, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out via Circlemovement.paris@gmail.com.


Below is a complete list of equipment for the Circle Movement Programs. Those can easily be replaced if you lack some. No excuse if you lack any equipment – keep moving, be creative - and inform your coach!

Mat; Barbell, rack, and plates; Pull-up bar; Selection of dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands; Rings; Plyo box(es); Bench (adjustable); Sled (push and pull); Axel bar (can substitute regular); Parallettes (can substitute); Jump Rope; GHD or Roman chair for back/hip extensions; Climbing rope; Assault Bike; Rower.


You will have regular contact with your coach through the Truecoach platform. Share as much feedback as you can so we can get back to you with answers and adapted movement. You can also email us anytime!