Strength efficiency stops where mobility starts lacking...
Weightlifting is a practice that allows you to develop a large number of physical qualities, among which:

- coordination

- strength

- balance

- explosiveness...

It is interesting to see that one of the main factors limiting the development of weightlifting performances is mobility. Indeed, a lack of mobility (thoracic, hips and/or ankles mobility just to name a few) can quickly slow down progression as well as the achievement of different movements.

The idea behind this program is to offer you an effective strategy to significantly improve your mobility through exercises, directly transferrable to your training.

Each routine lasts 20-minute to be performed before your workouts or at a different moment. We will focus on both isolating the joints to unlock them from any rigidity and work on mobility in motion to be able to recruit more amplitude of movement when lifting weight.

After completing this program, you will feel more stable and balanced in your movements as well as learn how to increase your performances while preserving your joints and overall health.

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