Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss

Weight loss is a journey. It takes time and requires commitment and consistency. For some it is fairly easy. For some others, it will be a real struggle. And we are not all made equal when it comes to being able to count macros or resist some foods that are not optimal for our bodies…

Yet, there are some few tips you could easily use without changing your whole diet. It will probably not give you the perfect 6 pack you are dreaming of, but it will most certainly bring you closer to it!

1. Hydrate the right way

First of all, drink water. Yes, this is basic. But by not drinking your calories, you can really make great things happen! You’ll avoid extra calories you definitely don’t need but also guarantee that your body gets what it needs to function properly and get rid of weight caused by water retention. Another cool thing about focusing on your water intake is that it often prevents you from unnecessary snacking.

But how much should you drink? Your optimal target is approximately half your body weight (in pounds) in oz. For a women of 55kg, it equals around 1700ml. For a men of 80kg, approximatively 2500ml. Make sure to add 500ml at least around your workout as well as 250ml per cup of coffee or glass of wine.

No need to drink more than that as it will not optimize further body functions.

A good way of getting your water is to start your day by drinking 500ml of water with fresh lemon juice first thing when you wake up. Then, monitor your intake until you reach your target. Herbal teas are a great option too. Limit your coffee or tea (green or black) intake to one cup a day.

Aim at drinking your water before 7.30pm for optimal digestion and lower water retention. In general, avoid drinking while eating as it can dilutes digestive enzymes (stop drinking 45min before eating and wait 45min after your meal). These last tips can really help if you feel bloated and aim at flattening your stomach.

As a bonus, an optimal hydration will make your skin look so much heathier!

2. Sleep yourself thin

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep tend to increase your likelihood of obesity by 55%. Poor sleep (that can be defined as 5 nights in a row of lack of sleep) can lead to weight gain for several reasons. Sleep is critical to reboot and restore the body ensuring optimal energy and preventing from hormonal unbalances. This can especially affect the leptin and ghrelin levels, two hormones involved – among other things - in energy balance and satiety. Less energy means less intensity in your workouts, less mental acuity, more stress, more cravings… Stress itself raises your cortisol levels which can make you hungrier and increasing insulin resistance.

During your sleep, growth hormone is released and fat burnt to supply energy. So, less sleep, less growth and less fat burnt!

In other words, a qualitative sleep conditions our ability to make the right decisions, to focus and concentrate as well as to lower stress and optimize energy levels. Targeting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep can really support your metabolism, body function and in the you’re your overall efforts towards weight loss. The only downside : too much sleep is not good either!

3. Practice mindfulness

Being mindful means paying attention to what you are doing. When it comes to eating, the concept is simple : don’t eat random foods at random moments in a random way.

Eating to quickly or snacking food without paying attention can impair digestion and limit nutriments absorption. To avoid this, try reconnecting with your sensations before eating, feel the hunger, notice the smells, the colors… Be happy and grateful for what you have and enjoy it fully!

A good way of being more mindful can be to cook your own meals! It will allow you to be more aware of the composition and quality of what you actually eat. Be curious and creative here!

If you feel you need to slow down while eating, you can also simply change your eating patterns : eat with your non-dominant hand or use chopsticks ?

In general, make sure you have consciously decided to eat before putting anything in your mouth : never eat because you have too or because of any social pressure. Don’t be afraid of being fussy! You are the only person actually knowing what you really need…!

4. Think “quality” to lower inflammations and preserve your body

The best way to get back on track when talking about nutrition is maybe the more simple one : avoid processed food and focus on the quality of what you eat! Your body is a temple and you are responsible for your actions and choices. No one else is.

If you are unsure of where to start, here we go! Eat healthy good-quality proteins and vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. Avoid anything wrapped in plastic or promising nutritional benefits. Cook your meals as often as you can.

Another important tip is to listen to your body and its reactions to different types of foods. Weight loss is often impaired by food-generated inflammations that can be triggered by any food items from cauliflower or eggs to dairy or gluten. Do you feel bloated? Heavy? How is your bowel movement? Are you always tired? Any troubles recovering from your training? Those might be symptoms of inflammations to watch out for… To identify inflammatory foods, start by a 3 days detox then integrate food item individually to check your body reactions! An amazing protocol for this has been designed by Lyn-Genet Recitas (The Plan and The Metabolism Plan) : try it out or work with your nutrition coach to design a detox protocol that fits your lifestyle!

5. Enjoy food!

The last advice we have will maybe look silly but it is probably the most important one! You are worth it and nothing is out of reach. You may are plateauing at a weight or body definition, feeling bad in your own body and beating yourself up every time you eat chocolate… but this is only a matter of redefining your goals, habits and reconnecting to where you’re at. Remember that real results that time and consistency! Don’t fall into the trap of miracle diets and start working for it!

If you want to know more about nutrition coaching or start your nutrition journey with us, don’t hesitate to drop us an email : circlemovement.paris@gmail.com

Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss
Few things you can do now to enhance weight loss

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