Fueling yourself

Eat your way to a balanced lifestyle

Diet. This word used to mean so much to me, to take so much space almost unconsciously. And I still cannot believe that it is now the last thing I think about when talking about food. Yet, it is surely one of the most frequent topics of discussion when people ask about training, performance and fitness.

I never dieted strictly speaking - never managed following a method nor committing myself to suppressing food items that I really liked. Yet, I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years now and had to question my way of eating several times. Besides, as a frequent traveller, I’ve had to confront myself with the effects on my body of new habits and an unusual food offer. To counter any unpredictable situations, my strategy has - during a long time - been to reduce portions. I would eat a bit of everything but in tiny quantities. Just enough to sustain my trainings. That sounds ok to you? Well, this led to a slowed down metabolism and a total misunderstanding of the actual balance between my body needs and the food I’d absorbe.

From what I see and hear from my students and people around, we tend to underestimate two elements when it comes to eating: the composition of our food and the flexibility we can ACTUALLY have when it comes to playing with our diet. Some people need limits, meal plans and banned food items. Some simply need to understand nutrition, what each aliment bring, what are macros, how do we use calories and nutrients - and yes that often requires tracking macros (amount of proteins, carbs, fats)!

If we want to achieve results we need to fuel our body correctly, to give it enough of the right nutrients to perform. Skipping meals or training more to « spare » calories does not work in the long run. On the other hand understanding that a glass of good wine, chocolate or pasta can be part of your diet can make your life much easier, funnier and will allow you to get the body you need to move the way you want without starving yourself or getting overly frustrated. There is no miraculous method. For me, the miracle was to develop a passion for nutrition and the functioning of the body.

We are what we eat the same way we are what we think or how we train.

Be positive and grateful and you’ll probably look much better than by being depressed and negative. Eat fresh tasty food instead of processed industrial food and you’ll most certainly be glowing like you’ve never had.

Yoga teaches you to respect your body, to worship it as a temple - make it a happy temple with rules but no restriction, with frames but no limits. Nutrition as training or basically any commitment requires discipline and motivation – but what doesn’t ?

Macros are a way (and not the only way) of understanding the value of what you fuel your body with. Tracking my food suited my need of intellectualizing the situation and allowed me to reach my objectives. And I now strongly believe that once you have the knowledge, you’ll become able to play around and treat yourself in new ways!

All this to say that your body needs fuel and a quality one! Be conscious of what you eat and create a diet that suits you and reflects who you are - and you’ll be amazed of the effects.

Fueling yourself
Fueling yourself
Fueling yourself

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