SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement

The coaching tool you may need

« No pain, no gain » - ok, but is it always true?

When comes the time to learn new skills, improve strength or just try something you’ve never done before, only two options remain : DO IT & DO IT AGAIN!

Sure, practicing different skills do help, but it takes some time, you become obsessed by the results and end up keeping banging your head against a brick wall fas you keep failing trying. And you don’t enjoy the most important thing : THE JOURNEY.

This is what can come out the « No pain, No gain » philosophy. Not saying it is never useful : it does help a lot and sometimes can light the fire you need to succeed.

But is there a more efficient way? What about a roadmap you could use to actually enjoy the process and progress differently?

“ Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. ”

Abraham Lincoln

First of all, let’s recall the difference between a dream and a desire : by nature, a dream stays a dream.

It stays comfortably within your head and can lead, in the long run, some bitterness. You come up with excuses and not much happens…

A desire, on the contrary, is a dream with a plan to succeed!

If your goal is to squat 180kg and that your actual max lift is 150kg, you can lift heavy shit and see what happens. It will give you more strength, but maybe training this way will hurt your knees and lower back as you lack mobility and technique, adequate rest or sufficient joints prep…

On the opposite, a smart roadmap will provide you with realistic timings and objectives you need to achieve before hitting the 180kg target.

It will also provides you with a training structure depending on your actual strengths and weaknesses : a relevant warm up routine, a proper recovery strategy to let your body restores & builds stronger joints, muscles, bones & fascias.

It means, less energy and time loss, more efficiency, faster gains, health improvements through building a stronger & more flexible body.

If you do it alone, the first obstacle you will meet is the lack of objectivity on what you have and what you need. The second is, maybe, that it’s simply not your job!

The quantity of information you can find on the internet can be truly confusing - and in the end, by being unsure about having the ideal recipe, you start loosing motivation and consistency.

The value of our Smart roadmap is to give you the tools to make sure you desires come true by having a sharpened eye on you goals and tell you exactly how you can succeed.

Performing 5 x 3 back squats not always require a PT (and the cost associated).

Hence, the idea behind this roadmap is, through a first assessment with a REAL coach, to build yourself a plan including what you need in terms of volume, intensity and type of exercices for the best return on investment.

For us, it’s the perfect compromise between group/individual training and working a Personal trainer.

Does it make sense? ;)


Get in touch for more information on our Smart Roadmap at or @circlemovement_method

SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement
SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement
SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement
SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement
SMART ROADMAP by Circle Movement

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